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at the richmond bridge, it's wet there as well. we back out a little bit, and you can see out in hayward you have showers, and over to south san francisco. so it's slowing the afternoon commute. there's more showers in the forecast tonight, but there's a lot more behind this that will impact us over the next couple of days. when i come back, we will have the forecast and the computer models and i will take you through your holiday weekend. >>> a break, any break, from the storms is good news for many people, especially in the south bay and santa cruz mountains. today's dry weather gave people there a chance to make repairs and get ready for the next onslaught. robert is live now in san jose with this part of our storm watch coverage. robert? >> reporter: well, we talked to a lot of people today who are taking a deep breath and getting ready for the next round. sometimes it means picking up big branches that broke off, or cleaning out leaves and debris from storm drains and hoping for the best. the storms finally let up today giving the water a chance to go down and homeowners a chance to recover
of washington, d.c. and richmond, richmond could end up with 3 to 5 inches of snow out of this. after last year's blockbuster season, it's amazing we're already getting another storm. here's a look -- closer look at the radar, huntington, west virginia, all snow but freezing rain through kentucky. not quite seeing a lot of the snow hit the ground. the air is dry there but it'll moisten up and we will see it going up to roanoke and charlotte during the morning commute. d.c. to richmond as we go throughout probably the end of the rush hour more like midmorning, it'll be a daylight snow event for d.c. and areas like alexandria. the highest totals in the mountains, 6 to 10 inches and this little band of 3 to 6 goes through richmond, so, lynn, philadelphia, new york, boston does not get this storm. this is literally isolated just to that area between richmond and d.c. >> lucky them. bill, thanks so much. >>> grinches take hold on wall street. beer is booming and the world's most expensive christmas tree. your "first look" at this morning's business headlines straight ahead. >>> coming up sydney cros
to go along with them, so they can't get off -- they carved it off. >> it looks like it is the richmond district, but a kind of shows what was on the west side town. a great deal of it was sam, and for that reason, people thought that the weather and the san -- it was really not a place that people wanted to live, and it was going to be very typical for san francisco -- very difficult for san francisco to expand west. >> if you look at the early maps, it was 3 miles wide by about 6 miles long, this huge sand dunes that just moved around. >> here is an 1875 map of the laguna. says along the side of the map, high sand hills between the pacific ocean and the like. by the way, this had actually opened directly into the ocean. >> lake merced had a high water level. since we paid over much of the city, the water levels have dropped, but at one time, the late actually trade out into the ocean approximately where the dog diner is that now. somewhere in the 1870's, they saw the damage at the water in the late so it did not exit out uncontrolled, and for 10 years, people were drinking lake merced
in richmond tonight where the last-minute push is on at this hour to make sure the less fortunate have a bright christmas tomorrow. ktvu's amber lee joins us now. she is in richmond where the volunteers are still hard at work. amber. >> julie, we are at a small church in richmond where this mother and daughter team and a few volunteers are preparing for tomorrow's giveaway program. they told us they will be up all night sorting and wrapping to try to make sure those less fortunate will have a joyful christmas. the group of volunteers is small but their hearts are big. they say their holiday joy will come tomorrow when these gifts will be distributed among hundreds of struggling families. >> yes, just seeing the people's faces just filled with joy and happiness. >> reporter: 26-year-old burgundy spears came up with this annual holiday program called christmas in richmond 5 years ago when her own family was losing their home to foreclosure. >> there is something that's so powerful about taking the focus off yourself. and it's almost a reminder that even if you are going through something
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. >> reporter: we are inside a storage container on the campus of leadership high school in richmond. what you see are packages, thousands of them and each one has a book inside. and all the books have been donated thanks to an unusual online offer. these students were opening just some of the donations that came in today in a book drive that has gone viral. >> actually the books that i'm interested in reading. >> are you reading more? >> yeah, i am. >> it all began when these two bay area musicians called pomplamous heard from a friend that children were having a hard time getting books. so pomplamous put a plea on the internet. anyone who sends a book from the wish list on amazon can download the album for free. so far the schools have received more than 6,000 books worth more than $50,000. >> especially when you are giving something that's really going to affect you know the next generation. >> reporter: teacher hester is a good friend of the musicians who marvels of what has happened. donations have come in from all over the country. >> it shows they are loved by people they've never met.
remarks this morning. i was captain of richmond station, have been involved in the parks for the two years i have been there. ready to answer any questions you might have of our efforts in the park, our relationship with park and wrerec, and maybe 2 tell you that we described park policing as the crown jewel. it is an international icon that draws attention every time something happens there. police want to provide that sense of safety. i also want to say, i think the park is as safe as anywhere in town, but events happened which are part-specific. if you have any questions, i am glad to answer them. supervisor chu: can you speak quickly more about the partnership with rec and parks, given what they have talked about in terms of the few members of part patrol officers we have at any given time. the fact we have one at golden gate park and in any given time -- what is the relationship that has been developed over years with park stations? >> part station has the east end, richmond station has from conservator drive out west to the beach. we work a lot with the rangers. the best way i can de
is seen a sharp decline this year and richmond has received a grant targeting gangs. police suspect it will further reduce the number of homicides. john sasaki reports. >> reporter: this is the music studio, a safe haven in the middle of a city that has been a tough place to grow up. >> music has been used as a form of therapy. >> reporter: the coordinator says he has recently noticed a difference in the city. >> richmond is doing better. >> reporter: with just 11 days left this year, there have been 21 homicides, that compares to 47 last year. >> we show if you commit a crime in richmond, no matter what level or type of crime, you will be prosecuted. >> reporter: this officer took us for a ride where much of the violence occurs. >> a lot of the main players are locked up or dead. >> reporter: both he and the police chief say that community stepping forward to help solve crimes has been invaluable as well. the city is celebrating a $370,000 state grant by offering alternatives to gain leaders. >> we will be a part of some pretty intensive law enforcement crackdowns. >> reporter: org
program. thank you very much. >> did morning, everyone. i am delighted to welcome you to the richmond library. it is a wonderful space. thank you. [applause] i'm very honored and feel very privileged to have the library be at the center of the selection for san francisco's poet laureate. this is my second experience under mayor nredom, -- newsom. i want to thank you for a couple of reasons. first and foremost to bring the announcement to the richmond. it is an opportunity to preview this beautiful library opening tomorrow, a grand reopening of the richmond library. the first in the city, from 1914 cricket -- from 1914. this is no. 10. we are on a roll. secondarily, it is a port -- important because the poet laureate has a tradition people, and this library -- what better place to celebrate the announcement are new:gloria? with me, gavin newsom, who will do the honors. >> it was an extraordinary commitment the public made when it passed not one bond, but two bombs. what a contrast is to be in san francisco in spite of this huge budget challenge where we are actually expanding our hours
a foot deep outside their house in richmond. >> what are you going to do? maybe it will bring it to the attention of the city. >> reporter: a homeowner horror story, meyers and his familiar have been dealing with this every time it rains due to a faulty drainage system. >> yeah. we could bail. at this point it's gotten so frustrate doing we want to go through another winter? no, don't think so, but what are you going to do? >> reporter: stormy weather caused other problems around the bay area. strong winds and rain took this down tree in san francisco. a huge puddle of standing water partially flooded this on ramp to interstate 580 in richmond. in berkeley some folks took advantage of a break in the rain for a walk on the beach. >> the wind is kind of hard core, kind of hurts the eyes. >> reporter: over in oakland there was still a lineup to grab free sandbags and plastic sheeting. joseph tanios woke up to a flooded basement. >> as you can see, i've been dealing with it all night, so i lost my voice. i hope i don't get sick again. >> reporter: it's a problem meyers knows all
, the fighting lot of things happening in terms of weather. let's set aside, a live look at richmond san rafael high wind advisory, a live report from that area and a few minutes. let's take a look at storm tracker 4, here is the radar, this green spots where light rain is happening fortunately we're starting to clear out from all of this rain, big problem are the windy conditions all over the bay area especially at the bridges. louisa will tell us how long these conditions will hang around. >> let's head to news around the bay, shootings are down 50 percent in east palo alto according to the police department 20 tens of the lowest murder rates since 1999, one homicide occurred. officers have responded to 39 shootings in 2010, down 54% from the a.d. five shootings reported last year the city also experienced for homicides compared to eight last year the chief to intimidate it to the community and police are working together. meanwhile police in richmond are reporting good news, they say crime is down dramatically compared to last year they say the number of homicides has dropped to only 21 this
website. that web address is >>> a pivotal day in the richmond high school home coming rape case. a judge dropped all of the cases against one of the seven suspects and reduced charges against another. we have a reaction from today and a look at where it is heading now. ding dong ding, dong ♪ hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say, ♪ ♪ throw care away, christmas is here, bringing good cheer, ♪ ♪ to young and old, meek and the bold, ding dong ding, dong, ♪ ♪ that is their song, with joyful ring, all caroling, ♪ ♪ one seems to hear, words of good cheer, from everywhere, ♪ ♪ filling the air, oh how they pound, raising the sound, ♪ ♪ o'er hill and dale, telling their tale, gaily they ring, ♪ ♪ while people sing, songs of good cheer, christmas is here, ♪ ♪ merry, merry, merry, merry christmas, ♪ >>> oakland police are working to identify a body that was found floating in the bay today. the body of a female was found on rocks here in the oakland estuary. the coroner and homicide detectives were called to the scene about 4:30 thi
. >>> a pivotal day in the richmond high school home coming rape case. a judge dropped all of the cases against one of the seven suspects and reduced charges against another. we have a reaction from join the jaguar platinum celebration ! come celebrate exciting cars that are stunning to look at exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season with the gift of platinum. jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items. visit your bay area jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration for a $599 lease offer on the 2011 xf. >>> oakland police are working to identify a body that was found floating in the bay today. the body of a female was found on rocks here in the oakland estuary. the coroner and homicide detectives were called to the scene about 4:30 this afternoon. the victim had knife wounds on her arms and apparently tried to fight off her attacker. the body's condition indicated it had not been there more than 24 hours. >>> rain out there. not the
. while the number of children in need keeps growing money is falling. we are live in richmond. >> reporter: take a look around the richmond firefighter toy drive headquarters and you can see shelves holding ties for needy kids but the packaging hides a dark truth. this year's donations down dramaticly from last year. everybody loves a shopping spree and this is a shopping spree for children in need. >> a lot of -- it gives us a lot of joy to be able to pick out the toys and know they will go to some kid who is going to get a lot of enjoyment out of it. >> reporter: today we watched the toy drive as it invaded wal- mart and richmond looking to spend about $4,000. dolls, board games, remote control cars, just some of the thing that will go to the county's neediest children. >> for them to get something like this, little boy to get something like that they would just be excited i think, so happy. have something to play with that they could call their own. >> reporter: while this looks like a lot of toys it doesn't come close to matching the needs. >> it's families from all wal
>>> today the defendants in the richmond gang case could find out if they will stand trial. >> reporter: in just days, the potrero power plant will shut down for good. >>> and the you? census figures are in. what they mean for california's involvement in national p olitics. those stories and more on the news at noon. >>> good afternoon. i'm heather holmes in for tori campbell. >>> well, any moment now, a contra costa county judge is expected to make a crucial decision in the richmond gang rape case. we'll soon learn how many of the selfen defendants will stand trial and on what charges. jade hernandez has been f ollowing today's developments and joins us live from martinez. jade? >> reporter: good afternoon, heather. i can tell you right now, court has been adjourned for now. the contra costa county judge will decide which of the seven defendants will go on to trial and on what charges and which ones will stand trial for the gang raping of a 16-year-old richmond high school student. no cameras were allowed in the courtroom today. contra costa county judge gregory kaskie is
heading through the richmond san rafael bridge. and along the golden gate bridge as well we are starting to see a few raindrops redound town san francisco if we see anything along the peninsula right now it is very light. a few raindrops through these days well up into san rosa, petaluma however light showers through much of the morning. isolated scattered showers it is continued through the half of valley as well. and through fairfield and that the bill. as we widen don't you can see the moisture socked in through the bay the central valley seeing a bit of snow along 80. though snow levels are pretty high because its system is so warm it's making for warm temperatures this morning. that's one good thing about the weather temperatures in the '50s ever worry go 56 and francisco, 57 oakland, madam you san jose 58 degrees by the afternoon it doesn't look like you will budge much maybe into low 60s 60 fairfield, concord, richmond upper 50s in san francisco. oakland, us hayward fremont 60 degrees and 7 day around the bay shows a chance just very slight chance of showers continuing tomorrow bu
terry tells us, the trend is reflect in the bay area as well. she's in richmond to tell us why tonight. kimberly? >> from the homicide rate here in richmond has dropped for the fourth consecutive year. the deputy chief here says they are working constantly to modify what they do in order to keep this city as safe as possible. despite the recession and spikes in membership, some of the largest cities saw drops in murders and violent crime this is year. the trend is notable in richmond. the city has had 21 homicide down from 46 last year. >> a lot of different factors, a lot of things coming together. but probably the most significant would be staffing, involving of residents, technology, and some smart strategies. >> police deputy chief owen brown says for the last five years the department has been implementing strategies from across the country, testing what works best in other cities here in richmond. >> there's no one sort of tailor-made thing that's going to be a cure-all. the dynamics in richmond. >> brown says cameras like these have also really helped getting extra eyes
and that snow will be heavier as you go south of baltimore down to dc and toward richmond. more on who gets what coming up in just a few. >> all right. we are learning new details in the death of yardly love and if you know here you will be upset with this. she was found dead in her apartment last spring. her ex-boyfriend is charged with her murder but today two doctors who looked at her body took the stand and gave two different takes on how she died. one doctor said blunt force trauma killed her while the other doctor said it's possible love died from cardiac problems, he said because the report shows alcohol that could have made her heart sensitive. >> police need your help tonight finding a missing man and two people who may have information regarding his disappearance. kent ridly hasn't been seen his october. he is 5'6'' and weighs 130- pounds and lives on westley avenue. police want to talk to two people, a man and woman seen on video. they were in baltimore at a food store using ridly's card. now if you have seen kent ridly or know the people seen using the card you are asked to call cr
with the improved coordination and communication between the richmond station and park station as well as part patrol. anything that can be done to increase the resources to do an even better job would be appreciated and will come. i am also here today to speak on behalf of the hundreds of volunteers who have come into golden gate park on a daily basis and contributed an immense amount of time to help us serve the visiting public and local community at our major garden attractions and museums. it probably goes without saying that every time there is an unfortunate incident with in the park, and the media communicates that outwardly, there is a cause and effect. we noticed a decrease in our visitation, as well as an increase in the amount of concern our volunteers have, in terms of coming into the park. especially in the evening hours, we are trying to expand accessibility into our facilities. the concerns that were mentioned earlier, due to limited lighting, visibility of patrol, those all contribute to our challenges. we all worked hard within these economic times to manage a very fragile bud
: the iron triangle richmond' high crime area feels safer according to some who live and work in the neighborhood. >> i think it's getting better. >> we had a murder outside our building. so it has been safer but we come outside of the gates. >> reporter: the proof is in the numbers. richmond's homicide went from 44 to 21, a 52% drop comparing the first 11 months of the year with the same period last year. firearms assaults fell 11%. neighbors credit more community involvement. >> the churches and stuff and that are getting really involved. and they are targeting those areas that are, you know, crime-ridden. >> police have stepped up. i don't think it's the police actually. i think the community got tired of it. so i think that helped. >> reporter: community leaders also credit police actions, unlike neighboring cities laying off officers, richmond has hired to fully staff its police department for the first time in almost 10 years. it's restored funding to its gang and drug teams. officers are better monitoring parolees, enforcing a curfew on truants, and using gunshot detec
on a proposal. >>> the city of richmond is offering its waterfront as a place for america's cup teams to practice and train before the event begins in san francisco. city would receive as much as hundred thousand dollars per month for leasing space at the port of richmond. they feel the image and economy would benefit from being associated with the race. >> today the regents are expected to consider a plan to reduce funding for thousands of workers' pension and retirement plans. they say the retirement system has a $21 billion deficit to try to fix it. they are recommending a retirement age and age of receiving maximum benefits to go from 60 to 65 and they would decrease contributions to most retiree health care premiums. last month they approved a tuition hike. >> fed ex and postal service are bracing for a rush today. fed ex expects to process 16 million packages worldwide today 13% increase from last year. ups says volume to be up 7.5% for the season as a whole in addition to today, u.s. postal service expects to see a rush of holiday mail next monday. it expects wednesday december
of the preliminary hearing of seven suspects were accused of raping at high school student in richmond kron 4 dan curman is live tonight martinez with details about what happened in court today. dan. >> or graphic testimony and what is taking the stand as when another member of the richmond police department. >> on the stand richmond police detective their expense who conducted interviews with men while and salvador rodriquez. a man who was there that night but is not in charge. smith testified that are take up a defendant jose martel et of a phone line up and said he was the first person has sex with the victim. smith's interview with rig has proved to be more illuminating as to how the evening and folded it and what role some of the seven suspects may have played. basically, a detective smith testified that in his statement robbery has indicated that several of them were sitting around a table drinking, the victim showed up then there is inappropriate touching going on between several the suspects and the victim but at that point she was objecting and they say she was drinking heavily at the ti
gardener. in richmond, there is one community garden. in sunset, there are two gardens. south of market, there are over 30 community gardens. we are not over-served in the sunset or the richmond community gardens. one last thing. i would urge you to do community outreach if this concept is adopted, not to finalize the garden plan, but to be in on the front with the people who are gathered here today. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is dale. i'm a resident of the north panhandle area and have worked with neighbors to help organize stewardship activities. i am saying my own opinions about this issue. one thing i have learned from neighbors is their interest and their need for community gardens. we don't have any sort of a nearby community gardens. the location would be convenient for people in the panhandle. also, i found the remarks extremely blunt this afternoon. they did show us something about the difficulty and persistent work the gardners and the staff have to do to keep our parks clean. i am proud to stand with them because of the work they do. it makes it possible for a neig
, however, if it goes on, i will be. >> inside that tra run between richmond and fremont were not impacted. it's not clear when service will be back to normal. >>> other big story of the day, relentless rain pounding the bay area. high winds and heavy rain, responsible for bringing a tree down on the peninsula. part of it landed on this house in hillsborough. also took downpour lines as it fell across the street. >>> well, this weekend's storm is causing a lot of headaches for homeowners in the east bay, but none as what we're about to show you. elizabeth wenger tells us flooding has become such a problem for one bay area homeowner, it's causing the property value to plummet. >> 15 inches, over 15 inches right there. >> reporter: jason myers' wife captured this home video of water more than a foot deep outside their house in richmond. >> you know, what are you going to do but laugh? maybe it will bring attention to the city. >> reporter: a homeowner horror story, myers and his family have been dealing with every time it rains. due to a faulty drainage system. >> yeah, we could bail. at thi
us -- computer model right now. he will join us in a few m inutes. >>> also a long line in richmond this morning >>> at least two chicago firefighters died this morning when a wall collapsed while battling a fire on the south side. 14 other firefighters were injured, listed in critical to serious condition. homeless people were living as squaders in that building. today's fire comes on the 1 00th anniversary at chicago's union stockyard that killed 21 firefighter. >>> an oakland man is in the hospital after being pulled from beneath a train near jack lon it done square. it happened around 3:40. the man who was in a wheelchair somehow became twinned -- pinned under a train. firefighters were able to pull the man out using the laws of life. they say the man was talking and conscious during the rescue. there's no additional information on his medical condition. >>> the family of a bicyclist struck and killed by a rig big near portola valley has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver. the chp found that the driver was not at fault but noted he had been involved in two other
taunted a rape victim's father will not face criminal charges. the judge in the richmond high gang rape case ordered the youngest suspect released from custody today amy hollyfield joins us from the courthouse. >> make that two that have been released. he was released moments ago and he was able to post the bail and he was released. now he still faces charges. not of rape, but penetrating the girl with a foreign object when she was too drunk to resist. but 16-year-old cody smith is completely free. the judge had harsh words for cody smith, saying his conduct can only be described as horrible. according to court testimony smith called the victim's father after the rape and taunted him. but the judge decided there was not enough evidence to hold him. smith's rights may have been violated, but a police detective continued to question him after he invoked his right to remain sigh lnt. >> i don't agree with him on everything. as i said, we will evaluate it as to whether we will want to go ahead and file charges. >> the prosecutor called this the most complex case in her 25-year career. she t
captured this home video of water more than a foot deep outside their house in richmond. >> what are you going to do but laugh? maybe it will bring attention to the city. >> reporter: a homeowner horror store myers and his family have been dealing with every time it rains due to a faulty drainage system. >> do we want to go through another winter? i don't think so. but what are you going to do? >> reporter: stormy weather caused other problems around the bay area. strong winds and rain took down this tree on battery street in san francisco and a huge puddle of standing water partially flooded this on ramp in richmond. in berkeley some folks took advantage of a break in the rain to get outside for a walk on the beach. the wind is kind of hard. it is kind of hard core. kind of hurts the eyes. >> reporter: over in oakland there was still a lineup to grab three sandbags and plastic sheeting. joseph woke up to a flooded basement. >> and as you can see i have been dealing with it all night. i lost my voice. i hope i don't get sick again. >> reporter: it is a problem myers knows all too well. >
buenas noches, hace un añ una familia aquí en richmond celebra que la virgen de guadalupe, se manifestó en su casa. >>> ofelia re koourz con emoción de 9 de noviembre del añ pasado que dice que la virgen respondió a su pedido. >>> estaba enseñando e la mañan y ahora yo estaba cantando cuando termine de cantar mi canto voltee para la pared que tenemos aquí al lado de mi y dije que no creía lo que estaba viendo, incluso estaba oscuro y prendí la luz y estaba llorando, fue una emoción grande, familiares y amigos dicen que esta silueta no estaba antes en la casa, propiedad que compraron hace varios años >>> pero ella dice que lavñ clara. >>> aunque algún dicen verla silueta de la virgen, no todo ven detalle de lo que alcanza a ver ofelia. >>> aquí está la virgen, los ojos nariz y boca, aquí tiene cuello, la capa con las manos así y lo que es toda la silueta aquí está su cabeza para allá. esto cantará a la virgen de guadalupe en lo que le queda de vida ♪ ♪ . >>> la comunidad aquí en richmond celebrara mañan el 12 de diciembre con una pro situación que saldrá de r
. this affected passengers on the richmond line coming into oakland from richmond and berkeley. >> i took a cab from berkeley here to the bart station. >> that's expensive. >> yeah. about $30. >> i'm going to a doctor's appointment. they know about the inconvenience on the bart so it's going to be okay. >> the good news, the morning commute is over. the bad news, bart doesn't know when service will be restored. crews are working on the problem. i'm live from the fruit dale bart station in oakland. >> all right. thank you very much. the bay area is getting ready for what could be a week of rain. the chp is investigates whether wet roads caused it big rig crash. it crashed about 12:30 this morning. the driver suffered minor injuries. and as the rain falls here, the snow is falling in the sierra. chains or snow tires are required for highways 50 and 80 and some predictions say the sierra could see 10 feet of new snow in the next week. mike has the latest. >> we open the flood gates to the warm, moist air this morning with a round of showers. kind of dissipated on live doppler 7 hd. heading out of
that the layoffs will be avoided. police in richmond are reporting good news is a crime is down dramatically this year compared to last. push this to the number of homicides in the city of drop from 44 last year to only 21 this year. assault and firearms have also been dramatically reduced. the beef up police patrols and in the more dangerous parts of the city. >> were thankful that the police department it's up to its part. that the politicians are doing their part. we would like the community to know that the faith community is doing their part is well. i think that it's very important for all these entities to be involved to get there. this is the iron triangle its notorious for seven or eight mortars in this area. since we've partnered with the city of richmond and related companies in california there have only been two murders in this area. >> i community-based police patrol system are also credited with reducing the problem of crime in richmond. it will be right back on the kron 4 news @ 4:00 the rain continues to fall it's only going to pick up along with the wind traffic if already
. twice in recent years, thieves have vandalized cooper material. >>> police in richmond are asking for the public's help tonight as they crack a cold case. ktvu's john sasaki spoke to the victim's family and police today. john is live in richmond tonight on more of what they're saying. >> reporter: frank, this is frank's market now a neighborhood eyesore. five years ago that back area was a place where a 16-year-old was killed in a crime that remains unsolved. >> they took a way a away a person. but it's not going to stop anything to keep me from looking for who did this, i'm never going to stop. >> reporter: officers say they still have no suspects or motive in the case. >> he was located back here, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. >>> police talked with several witnesses. >> they described a black male about 5'10" that just popped out of nowhere and shot him. >> reporter: investigators say they don't know why moore was targeted. no previous gang or criminal activity, no known dispute with anyone. >> before the homicide occurred, the people that were on the street said the
by nap fa police is now demanding an independent investigation. police say 60-year-old richmond pochila pull a notify on -- knife on officers before one officer tased him. the attorney for the victim's family says there was never any mention of a knife until several days after the shooting. his daughter says he was not violent. >> he was dedicated to helping people that were sick, and in the end, when he needed help, authorities came in, did not give him help, and he wound up dead. >> alan: investigators say the family called police to the home, saying he was depressed and had firearms in the house. >>> police need your help in he hunt for a man they say robbed and tried to rape a woman near the south san francisco cal trains station. investigators say the man followed the 28-year-old woman while she was walking away from the station around 9:45 this thursday night. he forced her to the ground and tried to sexually assault her while punch are her in the face. the woman broke free and ran. the police released this sketch, described as a hispanic man in his late teens, early 20s, light sk
mill valley. san francisco, oakland, berkeley and creeping into the richmond area. that will be the drill for the morning. rainfall and then tapering off to scattered showers. we'll have a chance of showers for the afternoon. that's a quick look at your weather. for traffic, here's liz. >>> thank you, tracy. treacherous driving conditions. be careful. a lot of wet spots. no hot spots yet. a lot of standing water. especially in the middle lanes. worse earlier. we saw cars making big splashes there around in the middle lanes. so far, no metering lights. haven't had big incidents at the bay bridge. we have a high wind advisory though still in effect, it's our only one. obviously a lot of wet weather. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. that's your traffic. back up to you. >>> thank you, elizabeth, tracy. gruesome discovery in oakland. a woman's body has been found in an estuary e and it appears to be foul play police say. anne? >> reporter: so many questions this morning about this murder. who the woman was and who killed her and left her here lying on rocks
on the snowfall total, but one area got 18 inches. in richmond, va., at least 6 inches of snow has fallen. here in d.c., just a light accumulation but we are getting in some serious wins. for the latest, we turn to bob ryan in the weather center. >> we are here at the storm desk because, well, wait till i tell you of the effects up and down the east coast. we got it pretty easy. let me show you the live super doctor. you can see where the snow is still falling. -- live super doppler. there is a blizzard warning for the eastern shore, including the jersey shore line. look at the winds, though. they are testing at 35 m.p.h.. the temperatures are already in the teens. there is a wind chill a advisory out and a high wind advisory out. there is the snowfall. some areas got 5 inches to 6 inches. can you measure a quarter of an inch? that has been the story. blizzard conditions in parts of new jersey where they are measuring the snow in ft. i will show you what is coming our way. >> we dodged the storm, but it is having a huge impact up and down the east coast. the storm has stopped flights at three m
. live in the oakland hills for kron4 news. >> of body also found in richmond, the gruesome discovery was made at the edge developed shoreline. it was first reported to richmond police shortly after noontime today. it was found in the park south of 51st street off the popular dog leash part. there's no identification card time of how long had been there. vallejo police are looking at these pictures hoping that it will help identify who killed of the little man. they're looking at the surveillance footage from the liquor store where he was stabbed by an unmanned. rudolph the staggered to the parking lot and was shuttled to the hospital but later died. the suspect fled a degree in 1996 or 1997 bmw that was outfitted with rims and to the windows. there was a man was arrested last night on suspicion of driving under the influence. >> it was at this parking lot at the 580 where oakland city man was pulled over by chp officer and was determined to be driving under the influence. >> they had sought bought it that it just as you be driving erratically. >> the officer noticed signs of an apart
-randall, the coordinator of k-12 operations at costa school district in richmond, california. we cover san pablo, hercules, and richmond. my intention is to give you a picture of the impact that the academy has had in this district. last year and the year before, many students receive scholarships, and the students went, i believe six weeks with 95% attendance rates. this is 20 miles to san francisco. and 20 miles back every day. and using these cards -- this was 95%. they took everything from home video games, to the computer games, and for the first time many of them told me that they connected art with a viable career. and each student brought three or four of their parents to the exhibit this was at the end of the term, the six-week period. when i look at the faces of their parents, and how proud that they were, i felt very satisfied with what we had accomplished. and that is my story to you about the affects of this program, and the generosity. thank you. >> i am living at the heart of the campus for about 70 years -- 17 years, and so many people who came out for the never see said that they are nati
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